Calling mobiles on different networks at Weekends


Call any UK mobile from your own mobile for the cost of a national call at weekends. Stop paying the high charges that mobile phone companies levy on calling other mobile phones! Customers in Jersey or Guernsey can also make savings using this number from their landlines.

Just dial the number 0871 550 0700 Before dialing the number you wish to call.

If you are tired of paying too much to call people you know who are on different mobile networks, this is the service for you. This service is only available at weekends (between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday) at the moment, but using our special national rate number you can call most UK mobiles for the cost of a national call at weekends. In most cases the call will come from inclusive minutes if you have a contract phone. Please click here for information on how much your mobile network should charge.










To store numbers prefixed with our number in your mobile's phonebook, try adding a new entry such as 08717110700[Pause]07XXXXXXXXX, substituting X's for an actual number. On most mobiles a pause can be added to a number by pressing and holding the * key until the * changes to a square or a letter P. On Nokia phones you need to press the * key 3 times in quick succession to input a pause. A pause is needed to ensure you connect to our number before the phone dials the actual mobile number.

If you would like to be 100% sure about the cost of dialing these numbers from your mobile phone, we suggest that you make a 1 minute call and then call your mobile operator, or check your credit to find out how much you have been charged. If you are a pay as you go user, remember to make the test call after the initial expensive period in a day to ensure that your operator is applying the right rate to the call.