Calling with a pre-paid Business Account


This service allows our customers to make low cost calls to UK mobiles, landlines and International destinations, to both mobiles and landlines. To enable us to provide better rates, you have to pre-pay, with a minimum £10 top-up required via a credit card payment.

Our pre-paid service offers some significant advantages which very few other companies can match:

  • Per second billing on all calls. Minimum charge of 4p which is lower than BT and the Cable companies.

  • Very low cost UK mobile call charges - 15p per minute at peak times!

  • Low landline call charges - 3.5p per minute at peak times

  • Many international destinations have the same rate for both mobile and landline calls.

  • Access numbers to allow you to use our service from multiple lines and your company mobile phones too.

  • All you calls from your landlines and mobiles can be made from one account.

Click for calling rate list!

Call our registration line on 0800 066 4747 to sign-up instantly for this service.

You must call our registration line from a landline. Once you have registered, you can call the registration line again to register your mobile. Please have your credit or debit card ready when you sign-up. If you wish to register additional mobiles and landlines, please send us details of the numbers you wish to add and the number you originally signed-up from


Pre-paid Business Account Access Numbers


Once you have signed-up you have to use our BT access number 12450 or one of our mobile access numbers to make calls with. Please check our list by clicking here!

The mobile access numbers work in the same way as the national rate numbers on our free service. You simply dial the number and once connected you will be told how much money is on your account. You will then be able to dial any number and start saving!







With the BT access number on the Business account, you can dial the access number 12450 and the full number in one go without having to wait to connect to our system. For example:


To store numbers prefixed with our number in your mobile's phonebook, try adding a new entry such as 08717110700[Pause]07XXXXXXXXX, substituting X's for an actual number. On most mobiles a pause can be added to a number by pressing and holding the * key until the * changes to a square or a letter P. On Nokia phones you need to press the * key 3 times in quick succession to input a pause. A pause is needed to ensure you connect to our number before the phone dials the actual mobile number.

If you would like to be 100% sure about the cost of dialing these numbers from your mobile phone, we suggest that you make a 1 minute call and then call your mobile operator, or check your credit to find out how much you have been charged. If you are a pay as you go user, remember to make the test call after the initial expensive period in a day to ensure that your operator is applying the right rate to the call.