Special Pre-paid Access Numbers


If you use the service via one of these special access numbers you will get discounts on the rates specified in the rate sheet. These numbers are primarily intended to be used from mobile phones.

Discount at Peak Times Discount Off-peak Discount at Weekends
020 7127 9980 1p (Except for UK landlines) 1p (Except for UK landlines) 1p (Except for UK landlines)
0845 004 4800 2p (Except for UK landlines) 1p (Except for UK landlines) 1p (Except for UK landlines)
0870 068 4800 4p 2p 1p
0871 504 4800 6p 6p 6p


When to use special Access Numbers


These access numbers will be of use to people who can use inclusive minutes on mobile phones, get free landline calls to 01 or 02 numbers on One 2 One mobiles or if they have subscribed to BT Together with free calls to such numbers in the evenings and weekends. Customers on Telewest with unlimited landline calls can also reduce their charges with the 020 number we have.

The 0845 Number would for instance useful for people calling with Orange Everyday 50 Contract phones, as calls would be less than using the other other numbers, except for the freephone number.

We would not recommend the use of these numbers unless the discount you get from us outweighs the cost of dialing the number. In most cases the free BT access number or the freephone number for cable customers will be best from landlines.








If you are using our services from you mobile, please ensure that you do not press the green/send key again after dialling the actual destination number, or you could be billed for two calls!